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Hospitality businesses: exploring how to do online orders?

So, level-3 is coming and we are all thinking how we can safely sell our beautiful food. the answer seems simple, contactless... no it is not!

Hospitalty businesses are best at what they do, serving food and beverages and providing the best service to our customers. At Ombrellos, many of our customers know us by first name and we know them too. We can barely understand how our own POS machines work, now we have to find a way for customers to pay us using a "contactless system". So, now what?

Lucky that I am an Internet Enterprise Consultant and can sort out these problems for Ombrellos, but that is just luck. How about you?

I had someone ask me to help them with their problem a few days ago. I showed them what I did for Ombrellos and ended up doing the same for 4 different restaurants in Dunedin, Wanaka, Albert Town and Christchurch. They are now online and ready to take orders, pickups and deliveries. All in the space of 2 days each. They have complete online menus setup from their website, they look like they always had them but they are literally brand new.

So, what did I do for them?

- An online ordering system, simple, no frills

- A delivery area for each restaurant

- A fully working menu with all the modifiers required for each item (gluten, free, vegan options, allergies, 2 sugars please, etc) you know the things our staff struggle to put in their own POS.

- A link from their website to the online ordering system

- A merchant account for online payments, all setup to their own account

How long did this take?

2 days, working day and night, there was no stopping.

How much did I charge?

$700 all in, until it was done. No per hour costs with me.

I can do the same for any other hospitality businesses out there. If you are interested, just get in touch. No obligation and I am more than happy to give you as much advice as you need before you commit to do anything.

Find me at:

Happy to help, we are in this together and we need to get out of it together too.

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