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Changing times, changing needs, I can help faster than you think.

The current global situation is making many businesses re-think about what to do. Nobody really knows what will happen next, but one thing is sure, businesses are having to change the way they work, and they need to do it fast. With social distancing, self-isolation and other restrictions, people are starting to think about more internet services, even telecoms are offering to uncap internet access to facilitate this.

I am certainly able to help companies of any size move forward with internet related capabilities, from the local corner store to large corporations. I am a specialist in internet enterprises with a Master’s degree to prove it. I can help turning any part of a company from physical to virtual to cope with the current demands and restrictions. Some of the areas I can help with are:

• E-learning platforms

• Virtual offices, receptions, welcome desks

• Virtual telephony

• Remote desktops

• Virtual service desks

• Internet based teams

• Remote support offices

• On-line payments

• Electronic invoicing

• On-line store fronts, dispatching, delivering

• On-line marketplaces

• Remote team collaboration

With my agile approaches we can turn  ideas into working features within days to cope with demands and ease the limitations current business are facing.

I am also open to any negotiation in terms of money, time, location and duration. My aim is to help business to continue to operate in this difficult time.

Happy to expand into specific details.

Thank you for your attention, hope this is of use to you.

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