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Brewers weekend: Ombrellos new regular events

Ombrellos now offers brewers, featured weekends for them to show their craft beer skills. Now we can showcase each brewer independently as well as giving our customers the opportunity to get insights directly from the artisan beer makers. Part of our featured weekends incoporate food and beer match, especial menus, live music, competitions and promotions.

To us, beer is an art and we would like to give it the respect art deserves. We love beer, any kind of beer. and we know, so do you! so come and meet the mystical people who make it at Ombrellos!

Here are our next brewers weekends:

Hallertau: 27/10/2017

Garage Project: 03/11/2017

Epic: 10/11/2017

For more infromation visit our facebook page:

See you at Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar!!!!

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