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Attention chef students! You can train and get paid at Ombrellos

We are looking for enthusiastic graduates or chef students to join us on a part time basis. Ombrellos is without doubt, one of the best restaurants in Dunedin and successful candidates will be training and working right in the heart of operations of our restaurant. This is the real deal! a busy restaurant, with top chefs and plenty of work to do. This is an opportunity that can put real experience on your CV. We will be training you from the ground up from the basics of health/cleanliness/safety all the way to the hot line of a-la-carte service. We would like to pride ourselves in saying our graduates are not just OK, but people who can step into serving for 40+ services all at once.

This is not easy work, especially for someone without experience, but we are willing to support a willing candidate all the way to success. But this is not it. We have further plans for those who consider continuing their work with us: Job progression from commis chef to head chef is on the cards and we have more than one place in the Otago area where this progression can be achieved.

Do you want to be the next super chef of Ombrellos? if so email your cv and covering letter to

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